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Tasha Does Tulsa...and The Junkyard Dawg!

Tasha Does Tulsa made a suprise visit to The Junkyard Dawg...see what she has to say in her latest article! Click here...

The Tulsa Food Blog visits The JYD!

The Tulsa Food Blog gives it's 2 cents about The Junkyard Dawg! Check it out by clicking here...

A Little More About The Junkyard Dawg

Check out the link below of and interview with DJ Rucks, of The Junkyard Dawg courtesy of Stephanie Lewis with The Tulsa Fork, Knife and Spoon....Thanks, AXLE

"Junkyard Dawg Putting A Bark In The Classics"

Check out this review of The Junkyard Dawg by Tulsa World reporter, Scott Cherry.

"Don Rucks has known for a long time what he wanted to do when he broke away from the high-powered corporate world, where he promoted everything from race cars to professional bass fishing..."

Read more from this Tulsa World article by clicking here.

Tulsa Today gives raving review of The Junkyard Dawg!

"Junkyard Dawg: Hot dogs that bark at the moon"

Taken from the Tulsa Today article written by Rich Lohman, Thursday, 29, April 2010

Consider for a moment, the noble hot dog.

Though it's origin can be traced back to the European continent in Germany, if ever there were a truly all-American signature food it would be the hot dog. It's a staple food of both ballpark and backyard BBQ alike. One of the best parts about the hot dog is that it's a versatile platform on which many different condiment combinations can be utilized and that does spark a mild debate as to what truly dresses a "perfect" hot dog.

There's A New Dawg In Town!

A native Tulsa family plans to provide Northeastern Oklahomans with the kind of food and service that food lovers will come to really appreciate. 

On April 19th, the newly formed company JEMS, LLC opened the doors of its first independently owned and operated dine-in or carry-out casual restaurant, THE JUNKYARD DAWG. The new restaurant is serving a variety of premium hot dogs and sausages, but there is much more to it. 

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